Winchent Magnestion inherited the Magfort from his father Marion Magnestion after his father fell ill at the age of 60 with the wasting sickness but died at the age of 79. At 35 Winchent ascended to family seat. Upon receiving the lordship he also became the head of the Order of Mag, which is a bookkeeping order that often records significant events and copies down any text that crosses the Magfort. The Lords of the Magfort formed the order and the Lord of the Magfort or a close Magnestion family member will always be the leader of the order. Winchent was married to Leaine Talrence when he was 26 and she was 17. He has been a general in most of his father's wars and led armies into battle as lord of the Magfort, always ruling from a defensive position unless it was for the best of the Magfort. He was held captive for 3 years by House Garmae, during the conflict of the Fish and the Page. During this time period Lord Orrin Garmae taught Winchent how to fish and they became close friends.

Currently Winchent has finished every single one of his books in his collection and wishes to seek more books. He is also attempting to create a stable and safe world for his heirs to live in. He sends his son's (Amos) Bastard, which everyone believed to be Winchent's, to be squired by Vronti Kelwynd in Terrsol. His son Gilbert is part of the leadership of the Order of Mag and is being groomed for command of the Magfort and the Order. His son Amos is sent with a small host to win conflicts across the land and to adventure. And his Daughter is promised estates to her and her children with her husband's lands. The future of Magnestion is a careful game of chess for Winchent who wishes to see it remain powerful but not rulers of the kingdom.