Poppy grew up in a rather hard life. Her family is part of a larger clan of nomadic hunters in the mountains and forests of Northwind. They rarely set foot in any towns, preferring to keep themselves secluded from the troubles that such places and people bring. Her father is the clan chief's right hand man, leading hunts and organizing warriors and civil meetings when needed. Pirinoma was on the younger end of her siblings, now being the youngest as her sister has not been seen in three years. A harsh winter storm separated the young girl from her family, and she was never seen again. Poppy’s mother died in a skirmish with a group of bandits in the mountains, a rather emotional event that Poppy doesn’t talk about much. She has been taught to gather and hunt since she was old enough to hold a bow, and it was always her special gift. The girl has an excellent shot. When she was 15, she fell in love with another boy in the clan. They were inseparable, and often snuck off to be alone. He was five years her senior. They were caught together one night by her father. Poppy’s father was furious and invoked the right to a duel to gain back her honor. Since he was getting a bit old, he had his eldest son fight in his stead. It was a battle to the death, and Poppy was left alone once more.