"The natural Treasure Hunter"

Vital statistics

Species Magical Beast
Age 5-7 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 1-3 ft (.3-.9 m)
Weight 10-13 lbs (4.5-4.8 Kg)

Overview: A niffler is a small mole like creature with a long narrow nose and sharp claws that it uses to help it dig. The unique function of a niffler comes in whenever it can see a shiny object nearby. The Niffler will attempt to acquire such object and hide it away for later. They tend to live in burrows about 12 ft (3.6 m) underground and can have several younglings in a litter. They are excellent at finding any form of gold or treasure, and thus are often used by treasure hunter to help them look. They don’t like sharing though and so might bite someone if they have a ring on or attempt to steal their treasure. There seems to be a heavy concentration of them in Northern Feyshore due to the fact that most of the citizens are nobles and they have a large amount of wealth stored there. It seems many citizens use them when visiting some of the abandoned cities of Southern Feyshore to help find treasure the bandits may not have found.