The Beginning

Mendel was born in Azaria to two noble parents.  He grew and was nurtured with skills in the arts as well as different languages around Marin and swordplay.  The boy took to dancing, playing music, cooking, and learning the arts of the home while he remained isolated from the outside world.  Cared for by servants of the household, Mendel knew not how different they were until his father witnessed him dining with the servant staff.  His companions, the servants, were beaten severely by Mendel’s father, and Mendel himself was banished to his room for the evening.

The Rebellion

Despite his father’s obvious disapproval, Mendel continued to spend time with the servants while his father worked as a tax collector and his mother attended parties to save face for the family.  The servants of the house were his family, and being torn from them was a fate worth than death.  So when his father came home after work to discover Mendel had fallen asleep in the servants’ quarters, he became irate.  He was dragged from his room while the slaves were beaten, Mendel waiting outside the door as he heard their cries.  However, Mendel could not stand idly by.  He pulled a sword from his father’s collection, and barged into the room, ultimately killing his father.  Knowing he had no where to stay, now, he released his slaves and went on the run.  17, scared, and alone, Mendel ran for the only place he thought would be safe - Amoroth, as far south as he could get from his homeland.

The Here and Now

Mendel made his home in Prasia, in a shabby apartment no one would consider to be a noble’s.  He continued to move frequently around Amoroth, and still does, making him hard to find.  Because of his beneficial moving, he began to gain a reputation.  Anyone who approached Mendel Ackerley’s home seemingly found it empty, and now he is regarded as “The Ghost of Amoroth” for his disappearing acts.  He works with the StoneHearts, and he primarily deals with the slave trade and closing the gap that had torn his family apart.  If there’s a bounty on the head of a slaveowner, Mendel receives it.

However, due to his disappearing acts, he makes friends in strange places, and also tends to hear plenty of things around Marin.  While most of what he hears is in Amoroth, he knows all of the quests from Prasia to Northwind for the Stonehearts.  While he’s only a member of 2 years (now the age of 20), he hopes to lead the group, one day.


Mendel tends to be a bit of a flirt, and while his past is on the darker side of the spectrum, he himself is a glittering smile amongst Amoroth.  He hides his pain with words of promise and earnest eyes.  Play in his game, and he’ll tell you whatever you need to know.