Ibethiel is a nation located near the center of the Marin continent, east of the two parts of the former Feyshorian empire. While the nation is landlocked, they do own a small strip of coastal land they brought that allows them to make trade with the outside world. The capital city is known as Hexrakes, and it is situated in Ibethiel’s western mountain ranges, which can serve as a near impregnable fortress during times of war. The land is very fertile, easily able to grow grapes, tomatoes, carrots, and various other vegetables which are some of the kingdom’s main export.


Ibethiel experiences all four seasons, just like it’s neighbor Feyshore. Much of Ibethiel is forest and rolling fertile plains. Because of this, Ibethiel tends to be the highest food production source in the known world, easily able to make a surplus to sell in international markets. The only area that gives a marked contrast to this, is the area surrounding the capital, which is the Meviel  mountain range.

Overall, Ibethiel tends to experience comfortable weather. It's summers are cooler due to the breezes rolling in from the mountains, and the winters are bearable with the directed sunlight. Ibethiel has adapted to the surplus of rain, as well, by collecting rain water and using it as a reserve when rain is scarce for their crops and animals.

Ruling Power

Prior to the current ascension of the Amarei Family, the Stark family ruled Ibethiel ever since it’s creation. However it’s last ruler Queen Alice Stark, began to show signs of mental illnesses later in her life and at her death, she left no heir behind. This started quite the crisis in Ibethiel, which would go on for several years until eventually the darkness that had been cast over the kingdom was lifted by the new monarch family of the Amarei family a few years later. The current reigning monarch is King Lukys Amarei and Queen Nerafah Amarei. However with the ailing monarch nearing his death bed, it will soon be up to Prince Monterys to take the throne.

Significant People

King Lukys Amarei

Queen Nerafah Amarei

Prince Monterys Amarei

Prince Anarux Amarei

Princess Penelope Amarei