Man’s main attribute is their ability to survive and thrive anywhere.  Having the ability to travel and set up shop most everywhere, it's not a shock that their homeland, the continent of Marin, is easily the most biodiverse place in the known world.  Of course, pockets of men have branched off, to Amoroth, The East, and beyond.  Men are easily the most plentiful race, and often use this to their advantage in warfare.  Legion are not uncommon when fighting, and groups of men can stretch for what seems until the horizon.  



Men also so happen to be the most diverse looking race, sporting multiple different skin tones and body-sizes to fit in their surroundings.  They can very near white, like the the people of the Witherlands, or the deep coffee brown of Southern Amoroth.  Their eyes also vary in color, usually matching skin tone.  Hair is a fickle thing with humans, often becoming unruly in more humid areas, and is often tied back.

Typical human fashion is commonly battle based, armor and leather with multiple pockets.  The society of Man is based around the idea of thriving and surviving, even long after their environment has been tamed.  Belts, pouches, and packs aren’t uncommon in the life of the everyman.  Preferring leather over cloth, their palette choices are often darker, grey, black, or brown with accents of green, red, or blue is the norm.


Men are survivors, conquerors, and the Kings of the World!  They will fight ANYONE who threatens that right, including and not limited to, Elves, Orcs, Drows, and most importantly, OTHER MEN!  That’s right, infighting is a very pervasive problem with men, and tensions between select parties and kingdoms they create are very high strung.  Faction-forming and warfare are two main-pastimes of men.  Despite this, they are all very


proud and protective of their human culture, and probably would not hesitate to temporarily come together to protect it.  The world is theirs for the taking, and it is their burden to keep it from the vicious subspecies trying to rip it all away.  


Like a plague on the Earth.  Men are everywhere, like cockroaches or ants.  Even their own culture regards them as disposable, and their bones litter the pages of history.  For good reason too, because the only good man is a dead one.  They are brash, greedy, and ignorant.  They are too stupid to properly use magic, too self-obsessed to respect the land they tread on.  Jacks-of-all-Trades, they are good at everything, but masters of none.  Not as smart as a Drow, not as strong as an Ork, not as well-versed as an Elf.  They are, by all accounts, weak.