"Rather mischievous creatures they are."

Vital statistics

Specie Magical Humanoid
Age 100 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Height 5.75 in (14 cm)
Weight 1.2 oz (34 G)

Overview: Fairies are small benevolent humanoids, the size of insects. They all possess small fragile wings on their back that allows them to fly and navigate in such a large world. They are also highly skilled in magic, being able to outperform many of their bigger counterparts in terms of magical spells and outputs. Generally most fairies are females, but there are a few male fairies. Fairies are generally nice creatures, happy to help out those around them and provide aid. However they can also be trouble makers, using their magic skill to pull pranks on people and cause mischief. Strangely enough, they are nearly always seen with clothes on. It is not known where these clothes come from, but it is generally accepted the fairy make them themselves. As there are smaller fairies, there is also beings known as Great Fairies. Great Fairies are about the size of an adult woman, and highly skilled magic users, favoring secluded magical locations to set up in. They are said to bring fertility and good luck to whatever land they decide to call home. As for how more fairies are made the methods can vary. There is the rare one in which they actually breed. The most common way though is that once a fairy dies, they will reincarnate from the nearest Great Fairy. If the Great Fairy were to die, then all the fairy in that area would die as well and not come back. Fairies are also highly social creatures, and will often follow around one person or group of people. Fairy wings are a valuable commodity on the market. In terms of appearance, apart from the already mentioned wings and sies, fairies look like humans. Fairies can be hard to kill through physical means. The easiest way to kill a fairy is to use a spell to drain its life force, or have it do something that will consume too much of it’s energy.