Emery Hadley
"My brothers are dumb. Therefore most all boys must be dumb too!"
Vital statistics
Position Castle Servant
Age 7
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Adeline Hadley (Mother)
  • Marcus Hadley (Father)
  • Sarah Hadley (Sister)
  • Jeremy Hadley (Brother)
  • Terence Hadley (Brother)
  • Beth Hadley (Sister)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Background: Emery is a seven year old servant girl who lives in the castle. She is the youngest child of her parents and was born within the castle walls, as all of her older siblings were. She's loved by her parents and her siblings, even if her older twelve year old twin brothers tend to bother and tease her quite often. As expected from her and her family's position, they were not wealthy and went without when it came to a number of different things. Sometimes it was difficult, but Emery took it with grace and acceptance, having come to the conclusion that it was as it was, and would probably remain that way for her whole life. The chances of her leaving the castle's employment when she was older was slim.

Appearance: Emery is a very plain girl with dull dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She is about average height for her age and is on the slimmer side. She has an oval shaped face and ears stick out a bit from the sides of her head. Her skin is a fair colour, but is slightly tanned from some work that she occasionally does out in the sun.

Personality: While working, Emery is quiet girl who goes about the day doing as she told, even if she is tired or not in the best of moods. However, once she is released from her duties, a rather bubbly and friendly personality surfaces. Emery is a curious girl who isn't afraid to question and investigate the things around her and will come to her own conclusions, even if someone insists that certain things are a certain way. Some people may find this infuriating, but she doesn't care at all if they do. She's a stubborn girl and isn't easily swayed on things she believes in.