Ember Hikari was born in a small mountainside village, and grew up learning how to play many instruments that made their way through the village. She learned ways of playing drums, violins, violas, cellos, pianos, harps, lyres, horns, and many other instruments, with enough skill to use them to perform for people as she traveled.

It was a year prior that she heard the news while she was out on a trip to bring back some vegetables to feed the village after a rough winter, that the entire village was wiped from the face of the cliff and no survivors found. And so shes set off on her travels into lands unknown.

One day as she walked the street of a major city, she found herself in a bad place as she was attacked by a man all too familiar to her, as he was a person who she thought died in the avalanche. She learned of the fact that he sisters lived when he was taken down by a knight of the land, and imprisoned and questioned. She took his information, that her sisters were in a cave that the village thought was the home of creatures called wendigoes.

She set out swiftly afterward, and arrived to find one sister left living, the other the victim of the cannibalistic ways the other survivors used to survive all the time they were stranded in the cave, and thus she took the girl home and began trying to get back the sister she remembered through all the pain she had to have been feeling, not to say that Ember hadn't felt much pain herself at the loss.