"Mother Nature given an avatar"

Vital statistics

Specie Extraplanar Entity
Age Immortal
Status Active

Physical attributes

Height Varied
Weight Varied

Overview: An elemental is a being who is solely made up one of one of the classic elements, earth, wind, fire, or water. Though they are different from each other, the elementals tend to share a few common qualities among each other. All of them are moderately intelligence, able to speak a language though they typically don’t speak.  First we shall not discuss the air elementals. They are beings made of air, and are able to strike extremely quickly and in multiple chains, making them effective against airborne units. They also possess moderate air magic, able to conjure up a powerful whirlwind. Next up is the earth elemental, who will consist of whatever soil, valuable gems, metals, and rocks are in the area. An earth elemental is slow but they are a relentless opponent and can easily travel through solid rocks and metals. They can not however travel through a body of water, and either must travel around or in the ground under it. They can travel along the bottom of bodies of water but prefer not to. They are effective when their opponent is on the ground and their movement through solid rock doesn’t seem to leave any tunnel or visual disturbances of the ground behind. For third, we have the fire elementals. Just like Earth elementals, fire elementals can not make any contact with water and must travel around the bodies if they can not jump over them or step over them. Fire elementals are naturally destructive and enjoy burning the people and material of our plane to ashes. Water elementals fight best when in a body of water. If they produce a body of water themselves, they may not venture more than 180 ft (54.8 m) from it. They can travel quickly through water, put out most kind of fires, including magical fires, and create vortexes in the water.