Dire Wolf
" Strongest of hunter; most loyal to friends"

Vital statistics

Specie Canine
Age 5-7 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 4.1 ft (1.2 m)
Weight 174 lbs (79 Kg)

Overview: The dire wolf is a bigger and more fierce cousin of the grey wolf. Not only are they bigger, but they tend to be rarer as well, since they’re bigger than a typical wolf, they require more food to feed them and thus they have to hunt far more and need more land to hunt on. However , there have been cases of people keeping them on ranches and raising them as they are valuable on the market as hunting dogs, due to their greater speed and size, they can take down much larger animals like bears, and deer. It should be noted however for those who would wish to have a dire wolf of their own, that they can be very hard to train. More than one person has been mauled to death thinking they can tame a dire wolf. But if you do manage to tame them, they'll be your loyal companion for life.