"Children of Darkness"

Vital statistics

Species Outsiders 
Age 1,500 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Height Varied
Weight Varied

Overview: Demons are supernatural, usually malevolent creatures that were born in the infernal pit. While the origins of them varies among culture, one of the more popular belief is that all demons are a direct offspring of a being known as the Dark primordial. It is said he created the first evil and was punished for his crime by being shattered into several pieces. These pieces were then reborn into people, causing them to commit evil deeds. The demons are the pure ,unaltered evil shards of this primordial. They were all confined to a plane known as hell, created by the gods to keep too much of their evil from spreading to the mortal realm. The most powerful of the demons in this belief are Dagon, the demon king and his 10 generals. They are imprisoned deep within the hell realm, each level of hell will drastically drain the energy of a living being until they die. If they die in hell, their soul is claimed by demons and then devoured. Anyway demons vary greatly in appearance and ability. However a few things they all share is that one, if they die on the mortal plane, they are simply sent back to hell. They are weak against what can be considered holy magic, or magic of a god ,and light magic. They are confined to certain floors of hell, and can no deeper than there. Demons are generally highly gifted in magic and combat, depending on their roles as demon. Also the deeper in hell a demon is, the more powerful they are, with Dagon the demon king being chained down to the very bottom of the realm in the 666th floor. They also can shapeshift to a certain extent, with some able to disguise themselves as humans. However even in this form, they give off an evil aura and one who has a detect evil spell can still see through their disguise. Finally true demons can never be aligned with good. Though they might sometimes fight or indirectly help a cause that is good, they are in the end, beings of evil, and seek for the destruction of the gods and all of non evil life on the mortal plane. Whenever a demon dies, their essence is sent back to hell where another demon is then born from it.