"Don't think they can't see you."

Vital statistics




200 years 

Status Active

Physical attributes

Height 9 ft 
Weight 600  Ibs

Overview: These large one eyed, humanoid beast are once said to have ruled the land in kingdoms of their own far before the dawn of humanity. However, whatever civilization these creature might have had is long gone now, as the cyclops of the modern day tend to rarely go beyond protecting it's lair and gathering food. Some spectulate that it is the same monstrous appetitite that eventually led to their downfall long ago. Mere fragments of their history exists now in the form of crumbling documents inscribed into cave walls, and the loosely based oral traditions of some of the tribes. Some of these traditions has described what they commonly refer to as a "Great Cyclop" a great hulking titan, with shaggy legs and one massive horn hanging above their eyes. These creatures are thought to have either been the war creature or the leaders of the ancient race, and are venerated among modern cyclop as elusive, and destructive living god. Cyclop can most often be encountered near the ancient ruins of their once vast empire. Cyclops are usually dengenerate, barbaric shadows of their once proud civilized selves. Cyclopes possess only the most crude form of agriculture, often simply pertaining to herding small cattle such as sheep or goat.Thus they tend to stick to mostly a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.  A cyclop smasher often leads a group of four to two dengerate cyclops. These roving band typically tend to stay close to their lair, but when prey is scarce, they may migrate hundred of miles to more fertile hunting grounds. To feed the larger tribes, dedicated parties of two to five cyclops manhunters seek vulnerable humanoid settlements or unprotected livestocks. A cyclop tribe will often consist of seven to eighteen cyclops, ruled by a Cyclop Grand-Eye, who serves as the Tribe Chieftain. Many tribe's cheiftainalos fulfill the role of lorekeeper. it Should also be noted all Cyclops possess an ability to glimpse temporarily into the future. In times past, this ability was enhanced greatly by soothsayers. In the modern day though, it is as much a curse as it is a blessing: for while they see the future plunder and wealth they earn, they also forsee death and destruction that is fated to befall them. Glimpsing through the eye can drive the untrained user mad, but even those who can survive the experience twice, they are quite wary of using this otherwordly divination.