"Mother knows best"
Vital statistics
Position Banshee
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Marital Status Widowed
  • Damian Arthfael (Son)
  • Arthfael Dylan (Lover)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Blackbird was a hooker, and like all hookers she was murdered by a customer being just a bit too demanding. But her death did not falter with her and turned her into a being that could continue to exist in this plane and the next. A banshee, what a fitting existence for her, to be both ugly and beautiful. But unlike her fallen sisters, she became more vicious, she no longer cried or shrieked to warn others. She did it to hurt them. Vengeance became her soul existence, creating and destroying became her...specialty. And it wasn't until she meet a idiotic love stricken fool that she learned she could finally reach that revenge. And thus, her son, her legacy would be born.